Good art is
self expressive without being self centered.

Invest in her craft

I have a friend who goes by the name Meladi. She’s an architect, which happens to be the thing that I recently discovered was what I should have decided to be straight after High School. She’s recently gone into fashion design. Two things about fashion design, material and equipment are expensive. Secondly, the experimental stage of self discovery is even more expensive.

The one thing I know most is that we love clothes as people. But we also love things that are free, or at least cheap. So when a friend starts making clothes, we tend to think that we can kill two birds with one stone.

From personal experience, I can only imagine how many people probably have this expectation from Meladi, the wanting of a free outfit. While she on the other hand probably has a sewing machine that she dreams of, many may respond by wanting a discount if not a free outfit. For a young creative trying to make something of themselves, this is probably the most difficult thing. Everyone seeing and acknowledging your talent through endless demands, but hardly anyone wanting to invest in it.

For the love of creativity yes she may be willing to do something for free here and there, but for the love of her growth, are people willing to invest in her? And not just Mel, but also the talented musician at your wedding. The photographer at your party and the guy designing your posters and logos. If they are smart enough, they’ll take the money and invest in themselves. But as good as it feels to receive something, is it not better to give into someone’s future?

When your artistry starts to attract attention just like Meladi’s fashion, everyone needs a favour. But if she may gain some favour in your eyes, invest in her craft.

Msimeki Nkatingi

I love what I do. I love design.
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Thank you to everyone . You’ve made me who I am.
I got bored and wasted time.

Dear Creative: Get a professional

Hi there creative. I’m sure you probably respect your craft. You probably even get irritated if someone claims to do what you do when it is clear that they have no idea what they are doing. What’s worse is that if you are a film maker or aspiring to be one, you never understand why people still get their cousin who has a cam-cord to record important days like weddings for them. Often I tell people to get someone who knows what they are doing to do what it is that they require. 

Recently I have had conversations with clients about corporate identities that they would like to have. The biggest challenge has been in having to pick out their brain in order to find out what it is that they really want as opposed to what it is that they may think they want.

But now I want to talk to the creative. In the same way that we believe to get a fashion designer for our clothes, graphic designer for our graphics, photographer for our photo’s and movie makers for our motion pictures,; Why do we make this mistake of not getting a tax man for our tax returns or a lawyer for our contracts? 

Many creative’s believe that they make damn good lawyers, and strangely, many creative’s tend to get screwed over for their work. As much as most may not want to hear this, when it comes to law, you probably have no idea what you are doing. The contractual template that you saw online is not as simple as it may seem and it may not be as clear cut and contractually binding as you believe. That’s why you get advice from a lawyer, whether it be a friend or a law firm, you need to get legal advice from those who know what they are talking about.

We tend to believe that when it comes to mixing and mastering, retouching, designing, editing and the rest, people should leave these to us so we can show them how it is done. But somehow we believe that we can be our own accountants and lawyers. Interesting thought process. If you are a professional or aspire to become one, then treat other professions with enough respect to get professionals to help you out in those fields. Dear creative, get a professional.

Msimeki Nkatingi


You make a way to make it happen

I shoot my pictures and videos with a Canon 600d that is almost two years old. I bought this after having saved for a while to get it. So this 600d, along with the lenses and other accessories that I have for it, are a result of much sacrifice. I must admit, though the things I have aren’t much, to me they are everything and they allow me a toe into the world of being a photographer.

I often get asked how much my camera cost me, and when I give a response that the body cost me a certain amount, the response I get back is usually in shock. Mind you, I can imagine what photographers reading this are probably thinking, “Really? Shock over a 600d?” But in the layman’s defence, they would probably have no reason for spending that kind of money on a camera, let alone the accessories that come with it. Some even suggest that it’s an expensive hobby to have or profession to enter, but I disagree, I believe that it’s a hobby or profession that requires you to put your money where your mouth is. So with that, it tests how serious you are by requiring that you make sacrifices.

Same can be said about designers of all kinds and musicians as well. I love music, I am prepared to pay good money for good sound; But you would probably not see me buy an expensive set of instruments, unless it be a microphone. You see, for the one who loves what they do, sacrificing what the average person may spend their money on in order to get what they need to achieve what it is that they hope to achieve, is not that big of a deal. When you want to make clothes and a sewing machine requires money that you do not have, you find a way. The same as the kid who wants to do music because their heart is in it as opposed to watching too much MTV. I don’t mean your cousin who’s convinced that he will become a rapper because he has voice notes.

For the person who wants to achieve something, excuses are useless. Because excuses and sympathy won’t get you anywhere. I know people that are shocked at how much I’ve saved over time to buy different bits and pieces of equipment that allow me to practice different art forms, what they don’t realise is that there is much that I lack in other areas because I had to sacrifice in those areas. Because when you are determined to make something happen, you will make a way to make it happen.

Msimeki Nkatingi


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