Good art is
self expressive without being self centered.

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The marks of the hypocirte

In a sex crazy, lying, cheating and rude society, one cannot help but wonder why certain things still shock us.

We know that kids in school are having sex, isn’t that part of the reason for sex ed? But even with this knowledge, I bump into people who express shock when they hear that someone is pregnant. Or how about those that do not declare gifts, donations and extra money that they make when returning their taxes, but yet express shock when they hear about someone getting arrested for tax evasion?

Oh how quick we are to shout out that we are tax paying citizens when we forget that it is tax that is paying for some of the public goods that we ourselves have been evading to pay for some time. Not to throw everyone into the same boat.

I meet young people who have sex on the regular that tell me how all their friends have fallen pregnant and that they are the last hope. This mindset is that the falling pregnant part isn’t a result of the sex part. Or the guy who steals stationary from a government department but is first to shout foul play when corrupt officials use tax money for their own private use, excuse me government official who steals stationary, do you not realise that the stationary is also bought by tax money? 

The truth of it is, we love to play with fire. We love to not put in any effort but hope that we do not fail. And if we manage to pass, we may even feel free to judge those that didn’t make it. Playing with fire means to do the foolish thing but somehow hope for an outcome that isn’t as foolish. And maybe you might just be one of the lucky ones who survive, but never judge those that took the same route as you and ended up in the destination where you yourself were headed to.

Regardless of how much I’ve managed to pass or fail, the problem is not in the end result but rather in the process. So in turn, just because we didn’t get burnt by it; It doesn’t mean that you should go and play with fire. As Emanuel Lambart put it, “Don’t do it cause we did it and God spared us”. And just because you survived the fire that you played with doesn’t give you the right to judge those that didn’t. The marks of a true hypocrite is one who likes to play with fire but judges everyone that gets burnt.

Msimeki Nkatingi


What do you tell a super human?

The previous week of my life has been quite an interesting one, I supposed I could say that about every week. But this one was interesting in the sense that I was dealing with catching up with many of my friends and family of which I discovered had been going through things.

It hit me that even though I have managed to put up and sustain a more structured and productive approach to working, it came with the opportunity cost of spontaneous and regular fellowship with those in my life.

One thing that stood out was a conversation with one of these friends, where she shared an experience she had recently had. I was shocked by it, but more than anything, I remained calm and confident that she could take it like a champion. Simply because she is a super human.

I’ve come to learn that many of my generation find themselves being superheroes of our time. They are forced to carry the burdens that their parents were supposed to carry but refused to take up. This is not to sound unthankful to parents who have tried, but truth is, a lot of parents could’ve tried a little bit harder. One can defend parents for their failures and in turn make it sound as if it’s not too bad. The problem however, is when their children carry burdens on their behalf and do better than them.

This makes me wonder then, why would anyone come to me or anyone else for that matter when they have achieved “Superhero” status through all that they’ve been through? Personally I don’t think I’ve had to overcome that much, so I don’t think “Superhero” is a title I’ve earned. So to you, the overcomer who asks me for advice, please advice me on what to tell a superhuman such as yourself.

Msimeki Nkatingi


“What does a mere mortal such as myself tell a superhuman like you when you come to me for advice?”

I struggle to walk past a well #textured #vw #beetle and not take a picture. #z10photography
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